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Welcome to c. difficile solutions

This website exists because I contracted C. Diff (clostridium difficile) and struggled to overcome it and learned a lot in the process.

I think this experience can be useful to the thousands of people that are currently contracting this very nasty disease and for whom modern medicine holds very limited answers. I am now free of the clostridium difficile bacteria, although I do have some moderate ongoing gastro intestinal issues that may be a result of having had C. Diff. I expect to overcome these too.

In August 2008 I started to feel pains in my abdomen. After 3 days they became more localized and I suspected appendicitis and went to my Doctor who immediately sent me to the Emergency Room. My diagnosis was appendicitis with possible rupture and the treatment was immediate appendectomy. I was lucky. The surgery was done laparoscopically and later that afternoon I was already able to walk around my hospital ward.

27 hours after admission I was able to go home and the next day I put in about half a day in the office and on the third day after surgery I worked all day and even went out for a drink with colleagues that evening to celebrate my delivery from a scary experience.

Diagnosis of C. Difficile

The fourth day was a big surprise. I had severe diarrhea and was so tired that I could hardly get out of bed. I assumed that I had overdone it and expected to be much better by the next day, but I was not much stronger and the diarrhea was worse. I made it to work the next day feeling really bad and then called my doctor and they asked me to visit for tests. My stool sample was processed very rapidly and they called to tell me that as they had suspected, I had contracted something called clostridum difficile better known as C. Diff, c diff or cdiff or sometimes c. difficile.

C. Diff and Antibiotics

I returned to the surgeon’s office and he prescribed an antibiotic – vancomycin. I had never heard of clostridum difficile. My surgeon was the very man who had saved my life just the previous week and I did not question his advice or prescription and immediately began the 10 day course of antibiotics with very rigorous compliance because I wanted to be well and very soon.

After only 2 days on the antibiotic I was much improved and by the 4th day my diarrhea and tiredness were gone. I finished the antibiotic course on the tenth day as prescribed. Antibiotics failed at the time I was travelling in Florida on business and after a meeting I drove across the state from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa. During this nightmare drive all my symptoms returned and I arrived, many public bathroom visits later, exhausted at my hotel.

By then I had read and learned more about C. Diff and I had read that many strains have developed immunity to antibiotics – they literally go underground until the antibiotic is gone and then return with a vengeance. I also learned how I had contracted C. Diff and confirmed contracting C. Diff this in conversation with my surgeon, who acknowledged that it is a problem in every US hospital and that I had contracted it during my brief visit. I learned that the hospitals & other institutions cannot get C. Diff under control because it is also resistant to modern cleaning methods and it is transmitted from patient to patient by contact with surfaces (or the delightfully termed anal-oral method). I then became very worried that I could transmit the C. Diff bacteria to others – especially those with whom I share bathrooms and particularly my wife and two young sons.

C. Diff Solution - What Worked For Me

I was about to be very fortunate – by coincidence, the next day I had a business meeting with a friend who is a naturopathic physician, a colon therapist and a digestive care expert. I looked rough when I got to her office and quickly shared my story in some detail. She knew a lot about C. Diff and together we developed a treatment strategy. She also arranged for another stool sample to be tested so we could establish how serious was my “infestation”.

C. Diff and Probiotics

My treatment would be very large doses of probiotics on the principle that these beneficial bacteria would literally “crowd out” the C. Diff bacteria. I knew of the benefits of probiotics, especially during a course of antibiotics and had taken two bottles during my ten days on the antibiotic. I had chosen a product called Florastor by a company called Biocodex because I had found that studies had actually already been completed on C. Diff with the beneficial bacteria saccharomyces boulardii that is in that product - see sboulardii.com . In addition, I had purchased ReNew Life’s Ultimate Critical Care product which contains 50 Billion bacteria per capsule and was the highest dose of probiotics that I could find – see high dose probiotic supplement. However, my friend now encouraged me to take very large doses – as much as 400 Billion per day and since I felt terrible and trusted her wisdom, I immediately started to do as I was told!

After further study and a couple more days in which I felt slightly better, I concluded that it could do little harm (maybe an upset stomach – which I already had anyway) if I took more and stepped up my dose to about 1 trillion probiotic units per day – about 20 high dose capsules per day.

I also reported my relapse to my surgeon who told me that he would prescribe another antibiotic – Flagyl. By then I had learned a lot and had been told that in some studies in Europe, C. Diff had recurred in 80% of cases after 5 course of antibiotics!!! I thanked him and said I would trust in probiotics for the time being and get back to him if I needed his help with more antibiotics.

Clostridum Difficile Recovery

The stool test results showed that not only did I have Clostridium Difficile but I also had some other mysterious and potentially harmful bacteria, as well as yeast and very high inflammation markers. However, after about another two weeks in which I made steady progress each day – one easy measure was how many times I had been required to rush to the bathroom, I felt almost normal and gradually cut down my probiotic dose to about 400 billion units per day and then over a weekend I forgot to take it and bang – the diarrhea returned. So I got back on the probiotic wagon and gradually have reduced my daily dose to about 100 billion units per day. My latest test results showed no C. Diff.

So, if you have C.diff, yes you may be successful with antibiotics and if so I am happy for you, but if not, try a lot of probiotics – perhaps as many as I did at 1 trillion units per day and if my experience is anything to go by, you may well be able to overwhelm those nasty bacteria. Good luck. A trillion units a day can be expensive of course – ReNew Life has kindly agreed to give a discount to people who visit this site and buy more than 3 bottles from their website.

To redeem the coupon code visit ReNewlife.com and use the code cdiffref10 for 10% off all orders of 3 to 5 bottles, and use cdiffref15 for orders of 6 bottles or more. The product I used to help my cdiff is Ultimate Flora 50 Billlion Critical Care Probiotic.

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